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Provincial School Attendance Counsellor (PSAC)

Christine Riedel

Coordinator, Private Schools and International Education Unit

Field Services Branch

Ministry Of Education 

13e étage, Édifice Mowat. Toronto ON M7A 1L2  


Greetings from your executive team!  We met during the week of September 30thto review the current changes to the register rules including the new OREA we were joined by our the Provincial School Attendance Counselor, as well as members of the enrolment team, and a member from the REA team.

There have been a number of new changes in how to code students who are away for professional sporting events including practices.  Please ensure that you are up to date with these changes and note that if you have specific questions you are to direct them to the enrollment team via mailbox.

Please remember to renew your memberships before November 15th!  

Our Conference team has also been hard at work.  Please watch for upcoming announcements regarding the 2020 venue!

Glenda Carleton

President OACAS

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