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O.A.C.A.S. Certification Program 


Successful completion of an education level equivalent to at least a two (2) year community diploma in Social Services or Child Care or one (1) year university or successful completion of the Ministry of Education School Attendance Counsellor's Certification Program which is deemed to be acceptable to O.A.C.A.S. (Please send proof with your application). The Certification Board must receive from your Superintendent or Supervisor (your immediate Supervisor), a letter verifying that you have served satisfactorily for at least two (2) years as an Attendance Counsellor.

Membership in the Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services

If you were hired prior to March 25, 1970 you may qualify for certification under the grandfathering clause. Please Note: Part-time Attendance Counsellors are also eligible for O.A.C.A.S. certification.

Please send a letter applying for certification to:

Jennifer Johnston (, Certification Chair

 1978  Sally Field  Guelph
 1979  Bill Hay  London
 1980  Helen Desroches  Ottawa
 1981  Harley Shaw and Frank Wren  Geneva Park
 1982  Jack Shepherd  Kingston (RMC)
 1983  Robert Cairns  Windsor
 1984  No Recipient   Toronto
 1985  Ed James and Mike Bennett  Hamilton
 1986  Cliff Lehman  Peterborough
 1987  Archie Collisimo  Sudbury
 1988  Lillian Orban  Ottawa
 1989  Joe Yurkiw  Collingwood
 1990  Ted Green  London
 1991  Shirley Byers  Oshawa
 1992  Lynn Lambert  Kingston
 1993  No Recipient  Sault Ste. Marie
 1994  Malcolm Powell  Niagara Falls
 1995  Shirley Mitchell  Collingwood
 1996  Sylvie Wesley  Windsor
 1997  Ron Blouin  Cornwall
 1998  No Recipient  Etobicoke
 1999  Norma Orazietti-Ironside  Waterloo
 2000  Karen Munro  North Bay
 2001  No Recipient  
 2002  Steve McCann  Barrie
 2003  Glenn Purcell  Hamilton
 2004  Joseph O'Connor  London
 2005  Peter Maas  Etobicoke
 2006  Suzanne Smith  Kingston
 2007  Miriam Adams  Etobicoke
 2008  Kings College
 2009  Pearce Thomas  Collingwood
 2010  Susan Bagnell  Ottawa
 2011  Chris Herron  Toronto
 2012  Kathy Lowery-King  Muskoka
 2013  Gerry Chamberland  Renfrew
 2014  Joanne Shaw  Belleville
 Margaret Tombolini
Hamilton Wentworth
 Niagara Falls
 Frances Gormley
Waterloo Region
 Niagara Falls
 Glenda Carleton
Thunder Bay Catholic
Giulia Picente 
York Region
 Niagara Falls
Erin Fitzgerald 
Near North
Niagara Falls 

Award of Merit

This award can be given annually in recognition of an individual or individuals who have brought distinction to our profession through service to their community or our Association.
Please email the Secretary of our Association, Marsha Sylvia, in order to recommend someone for an Award of Merit.

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