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Attendance Course

Attendance Counsellor Course

Background: The Ontario Education Act states: Part II Sec. 25 that "every board shall appoint one or more school attendance counsellors and in Part II Sec. 25 (4) that "notice of the appointment of a school attendance counsellor shall be given in writing by the board to the Provincial School Attendance Counsellor.

In order to carry out the provisions and duties of the Attendance Counsellor, O.A.C.A.S.'s School Attendance Counsellor Certificate Course will provide the knowledge and skills required to carry out the duties as specified in the Ontario Education Act.
Who should consider attending:
  • Attendance Counsellors
  • School Social Workers
  • School Administrators
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Child and Youth Workers
  • Other persons interested in the field of Attendance Services
  • To offer School Boards with a means to ensure standards when hiring School Attendance Counsellors.
  • To provide newly appointed Attendance Counsellors with a comprehensive knowledge base of issues specifically related to school attendance.
  • To provide experienced counsellors with a refresher course and O.A.C.A.S. certification.
  • To provide comprehensive information as it pertains to regular school attendance.
  • To provide increased skill set to all school board personnel who work with students, and their families, with attendance difficulties.
Content: This course educates participants with all legislation relevant to attendance counselling, the role of school personnel and school attendance counsellors, psycho/social issues affecting successful school attendance, case management, court procedures, intervention management and current topics impacting on habitual absence and student success.

Course Design: O.A.C.A.S. has hired experienced facilitators to deliver the course, which will combine lectures and participatory workshops. The facilitators bring years of practical attendance experience. Sample policies and procedures from various school boards will be examined.

Duration: This course will be delivered over a two day period. Importantly, it can be delivered at a local level throughout all regions in Ontario.
Cost: $500 for the two days 

More information: If you would like more information on costs, course materials, and / or to discuss how this course can be conveniently delivered in your region, contact:

Jennifer Johnston
Course Coordinator,

Tel # (807) 633-5909 Or Email:
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