Connect With Us

Connect With Us


Membership means making a difference in the lives of students by adding your voice to our association’s work, whether with the Ministry of Education or other related Ministries. The stronger the association the more impact it can have. It represents you and the work you do, whether as an Attendance Counsellor, Social Worker, Youth Counsellor, Child Care Worker or SAL Worker.
And here are a few additional advantages:

Exclusive OACAS membership workshops, newsletters, collaboration and correspondence from the Ministry of Education and other community partners;
Up-to-date-information on;

  • legislation
  • regulations
  • Acts
  • interpretation from Ministry Auditors, Provincial Attendance Counsellor, and seasoned counsellors

Access to the OACAS Registered Members section of our website which gives you:
  • connection to all registered members
  • extensive download area which includes up to date regulations, legislation, school registers and interesting articles as well as regional information
  • Q&A section with common questions and relevant answers - you can even ask a question on line and receive a response
  • forum
  • chat line
  • private message centre
  • events notification and calendar
  • Ministry of Education news feeds
  • photo album
  • archives
  • and much more
All for a small membership fee... Join us and make a difference.
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